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Merbau Timber for Construction

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Merbau construction timber is one of the most reliable and popular hardwood types in South East Asia and now you can have it in Australia as well thanks to our service. It can be used in a wide variety of applications and it was designed specifically in order to offer durability and a great look into one complete product.

Carrolls Recommend the Magna Brand of Merbau


One of the main reasons why the Merbau construction timber is suitable for decking applications, construction and engineering is that it offers a natural strength and durability that you can rarely find in any type of wood out there. It’s also great looking as well mainly because it has a yellow-orange brown hue that really brings in front the great detail and look that the product has.

The contrast offered by the Merbau construction timber is simply stunning and you will certainly be amazed by the fact that you are free to customize it in any way you want. If your construction project needs polishing, stain or paint, the Merbau timber works seamlessly and it offers a very good result at all times.

Cutek decking oil-the best protection for Merbau

You can easily use it in large scale projects but also in smaller scale ones as well, it all comes down to you to get the results you want. It also works really well with a wide range of tools, so you are free to use it in a variety of situations too, which is nothing short of extraordinary, that’s for sure.

Remember that the Merbau construction timber has a very low shrinkage value, which showcases its durability and professionalism for sure. You don’t have to worry about this type of wood shrinking or anything like that, instead it’s really powerful and it can deliver all the tools you need to take your experience to the next level.


Moreover, the Merbau construction timber is very strong, no matter if it’s seasoned or unseasoned. It manages to deliver all the quality structure that you want in one solid experience that you will appreciate. It’s also highly resistant to stress, which makes it simply perfect for any construction project, that’s what matters the most here.

The overall density is good as well, something that makes it even more suitable for your construction projects, that’s for sure. You have to remember that while the product is designed with ease of use and installation is mind, it’s also very durable and powerful, so you should definitely work with a professional when you install it.

As a whole, the Merbau construction timber is maybe the most solid investment that you can make in any construction project. It’s coming with a great look, amazing attention to detail and astounding quality, so you should definitely invest in it the best way you can. It’s easy to use and filled with amazing potential, don’t hesitate and purchase it today, you will not be disappointed!

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