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Uses for treated pine sleepers

Great Uses For Treated Pine Sleepers

Saturated with chemical solutions containing preservatives, insecticides and fungicides, treated pine sleepers offer excellent innate properties that safely enhance the performance of any project employing treated pine. Because these solutions are forced deeply into treated pine, sleepers exhibit an almost permanent resistance to pest destruction, decay and various wood-destroying stressors. This makes treated pine sleepers extremely versatile and suitable for use in applications where raw pine is definitely not suitable.

What Makes Treated Pine Sleepers So Impervious and Durable?

Carrolls Wholesale Timber offers pine sleepers treated with CCA and ACQ, two safe and widely used wood preservatives that are manufactured to international and national standards per region of intended use. CCA provides powerful protection against wood-destroying insects such as marine borers and termites. ACQ, a combination of copper, a quaternary ammonium compound, fungicide and bactericide, significantly increases tolerance of treated pine sleepers to copper-resistant fungi and bacteria while acting as a potent insecticide.

 Great Uses For Treated Pine Sleepers

  • Greenhouses
  • Landscaping Projects
  • Playground Equipment
  • Garden/Patio Furniture
  • Farm Buildings
  • Exterior Wall Cladding
  • Retaining Walls
  • Edging for Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

How These Uses Benefit from Treated Pine Sleepers

  • Each one of these applications demands all the properties found exclusively in treated pine sleepers. For example, treated pine is economical and dependable, capable of lasting without degrading or experiencing for 40 years or more. In addition, treated pine's durable qualities means they won't need repair or replacement every few years due to environmental stress or insect infestation.
  • In addition to making the best use of a reduced space, tiered or raised gardens demarcated by treated pine sleepers can flourish where plant diseases attributed to fungal decay, insects and rot are prevented from infiltrating the soil.
  • Treated pine sleepers with ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) provide superior building materials for environments where sustained high humidity exists because of ACQ's water-based preservative properties.
  • Although standard steel fasteners tend to degrade when used with treated pine containing copper, you can easily substitute steel fasteners with stainless steel or galvanized fasteners that resist corrosion when used with treated pine sleepers.
  • Treated pine wing splits offer additional versatility when you are constructing garden beds as well as most general garden applications. Pine wing splits available at Carrolls Wholesale Timber are treated for in-ground and above-ground use and are also ideally suited for use as retaining walls. Moreover, treated pine wing splits will not warp or twist like half rounds tend to do.

Start Your Project Today with Treated Pine Sleepers from Carrolls Wholesale

Carrolls Wholesale sells H4 treated pine sleepers that are designated as having an H4 exposure hazard, meaning this kind of wood provides superior protection against termites, wood borers and various insects known for destroying wood. In addition, H4 treated pine is the best kind of wood for inside/outside and in-ground use. Alternately, other designations of treated wood (H1, H2, etc) may only offer moderate resistance to decay and minimal resistance to humidity and moisture.

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